2015 HUST Scholarship Application Guidelines
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Scholarship Categories Applicable for Application at HUST

Scholarship Category


Offered to

Courses Preferred

Teaching Language

Full Scholarships

Chinese Government Scholarship Special Program for Chinese University Program


Master’s and Doctoral degree candidates

All Courses


Chinese Government Scholarship Special Program for ASEAN Senior Administrators


Master’s and Doctoral degree candidates

Public Administration Only


Chinese Government Scholarship Special Program for Sino-US Cultural Communication


Master’s and Doctoral degree candidates

(USA citizens only)

All Courses


Partial Scholarship

HUST President Scholarship Program


Master’s degree candidates

Non-medical Courses

English only


1. About the application time:

●Scholarship programs are only applicable for the 2015 autumn session.

●The deadline for Scholarship application is March 31st, 2015.

●Scholarship applications will be reviewed by the HUST scholarship committee no earlier than April 1st, 2015.

2. About the scholarship coverage

Full Scholarship

● A waiver of tuition fee and basic textbook fee.

● Free accommodation on campus.

● Living allowance at the following rates:

Master’s students & general scholars: RMB 1,700/month;

Doctoral students & senior scholars: RMB 2,000/month.

● CNY 1,500 One-off settlement subsidy:

● Comprehensive medical insurance.

Partial Scholarship

● Tuition fee only

● Medical insurance.

3. Apply at HUST or via your government/ other authorities?

(Q: I would like to apply for full scholarship support under the Chinese Government Scholarship.)

There are around 1000 applicants for full scholarship via HUST every year and the winning chance is about 10% to 15%.

As there are many other scholarship programs available under the Chinese Government Scholarship and the winning chance is higher, applicants are advised to apply to the dispatching authorities for overseas study or the Chinese Embassy in their home countries to guarantee your winning chance.

You may refer to the China Scholarship Council for information about other scholarship programs.

Application guidelines could be found at


4. I want to apply for scholarship to support my undergraduate or non- degree study. How to make it?

Scholarships via HUST are only offered to graduate degree programs.

Undergraduate and non-degree applicants could apply to his own government or other authorities to get support under the Chinese Government Scholarship-Bilateral program or other programs.

More could be found at


5. I have already got a Scholarship Awarding Letter from the Chinese Embassy, how to get the HUST Acceptance letter to finalize my application procedures?

According to the Chinese Government Scholarship –Bilateral Program (between two nations) selection policy, applicants need to submit a Chinese University Acceptance Letter to finalize his/her application procedure. Otherwise, CSC will allocate his study institution randomly.

Applicants for HUST Acceptance Letter are supposed to finish the online application by attaching their awarding letter and  they do not have to pay application fee.

Applicants will get the letter of electronic soft copy in 3 days when they meet the requirement.

When you are finishing online application, please specify that you have already got sponsorship (financial support).


Scholarship Allocation Policy

According to discipline development and international student distribution among different schools, applicants for English-medium postgraduate programs in the following schools will be given priority to be selected in 2015.

   School of Architecture and Urban Planning

    School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics

    School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

    School of Material Science and Technology

    China-EU Institute for Clean and Renewable Energy (ICARE)

English-medium Programs list regarding those mentioned schools could be found at http://iso.hust.edu.cn/index.php/Academics/EnglishmediumPrograms.

This policy may not influence applicants for other Schools and Departments of HUST like School of Management, School of Economics as well as College of Public Administration.


Admissions decisions are based on the candidate’s academic achievements and potential, as well as his/her personal accomplishments.

The admissions committee reviews a number of factors, including records of studies such as Grade Point Average (GPA), characteristics of institutions attended, academic papers published, academic goals (study plan or research proposal), personal statement, willingness to study at HUST, recommendation letters and language proficiency. Other achievement records and specific qualifications would also be considered.

1. Eligibility

A. Master’s programs

He or she holds a Bachelor’s degree, or is considered by the admissions committee to have an acceptable intellectual competence at the level of someone holding an equivalent or higher degree.

B. Doctoral programs

He or she holds a Master’s degree, or is considered by the admissions committee to have an acceptable intellectual competence at the level of someone holding an equivalent or higher degree.

2. GPA

A. Master’s programs

He or she holds a record of studies such as Grade Point Average (GPA) above 2.8 (out of 4) or with an acceptable equivalent competence.

B. Doctoral programs

He or she holds a record of studies such as Grade Point Average (GPA) above 2.8 (out of 4) or with an acceptable equivalent competence.

3. Language Proficiency

A. English Medium programs

Applicants are supposed to master good English spoken & written skills and should submit a score report of a recognized English Proficiency Test. Failing to demonstrate one’s English proficiency may adversely affect one’s candidacy for acceptance.

The criteria are TOEFL (IBT 80), IELTS 5.5 or higher; (NoteTOEFL code of HUST is 4903 and GRE DI Code is 1031.)

Other official English language proficiency test may also be accepted by HUST but the level need to be decided by HUST for admission.

English native speakers are exempted to submit this certificate.

B. Chinese Medium programs

The criteria are:

180 or above on the new HSK (level 4) for medical, engineering, science, economics, management, law and Education degree programs

180 or above on the new HSK (level 5) for Chinese literature, history, philosophy degree programs

Applicants should submit a score report of a recognized Chinese Proficiency Test.

If the candidate has no elementary Chinese study experience and is quite excellent, the university could decide to offer him or her one year Chinese Language Training before the start of Academic study. And this one year’s training is covered by the scholarship.


Documents needed for Application

All documents must be authorized by the issuing institution or notarized by a public notary. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be notarized and translated into English or Chinese.

Original documents should be submitted for review upon registration.

1.       One photocopy of your passport (those without passports at present are exempted.);

2.       Highest diploma or degree certificate (or an official Certificate of Enrollment for the ones still on campus);

3.       Official transcripts;

4.       Study Plan or Research Proposal;

5.       Two Recommendation Letters from professors or associate professors in the same academic field;

6.       Language Proficiency certificate;

7.       Application fee payment receipt (exchange students from partnership universities are exempted);

8.       Certificate of Position held (only for ASEAN Senior Administrators program) ;

9.      Application Fee Payment Receipt;

The Acceptance Letter offered by HUST Professors would be preferred. For requesting the Letter, please refer to the Professors list at http://iso.hust.edu.cn/index.php/PopularProfessors and http://english.hust.edu.cn/Academics.html.


How to Apply

1.Please apply at  the HUST Application System before the deadline and submit all the documents required.

The application system is http://admission.hust.edu.cn/.

(Applicants for Chinese Government Scholarship should also finish online application at http://laihua.csc.edu.cn at the same time before the deadline. HUST institution code at the scholarship application system is 10487.)

2. Please pay the application fee in 15 working days after your application is accepted to be evaluated.

Those who are rejected are supposed to be considered as self-supported applicants and pay the application fee for admission as self-supported students.

3.After you pay the application fee, please upload the payment receipt in the application system.

4. The HUST scholarship committee will review your application after April 1st,2015. Applicants are adviced to consult for the selected candidates list after May 15th,2015.

There is no need to submit hard copies of application to the university by post.

Step 1: Please specify you are applying for scholarship via HUST.

Step 2.Please choose your degree type

Step 3. Please choose the major

Step 4 finish online applications, upload documents and submit for application.


Application fee policy

Except those who are from HUST’s partnership universities and those who are selected by the Chinese Embassy under the two nation’s bilateral agreement, applicants need to pay the application fee to study at HUST.

The application fee amount is 100 USD for oversee applicants and 600 Yuan for domestic applicants.

Note: The application fee is non-refundable.

After the HUST International Student Office reviews and accepts your application, please pay the application fee and upload the payment receipt in 15  work days.

Only Upon receiving the proof of payment, the university will start processing evaluation of the candidate’s application.


Required Amount

How to pay

Bank information

Oversea applicants

100 USD

 International transfer only

Foreign Exchange Account for International Transfer:

Account Name: Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Account Number: 567757540679

Bank Name: Bank of China, Hubei Branch

Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ600


Applicants in mainland China


Domestic transfer

or pay at the admission office of HUST in person

Renminbi Account for Domestic Transfer :

Bank Name:中国银行武汉喻家山支行

Account Number570357526021

Account Name:华中科技大学


A. The Renminbi Account is for transfers within the mainland of China, which accepts only the Chinese currency Renminbi. Other transfers sent from outside mainland should be sent to the Foreign Exchange Account, which accepts only international currency such U.S. Dollars but not Renminbi.

B. Please note “Application fee for XX (Student’s name) with Passport Number from XX (Nation) studying in XX (Major)” on the remittance order for indicating the purpose of transfer and for school to locate the owner of each transfer.

Tracking the Admission Procedures

1. Admission Status

All students (except those who were selected by the Chinese Embassy) could check their status of admission, rejection or amendment via the HUST Online Application System.

2. Checking the Scholarship winners’ lists

A. Chinese Government Scholarship via HUST

Normally, the university scholarship committee will announce the scholarship candidate after May 15th, 2015.

The final scholarship winner lists will be decided and announced by China Scholarship Council and Ministry of Education, China around July 15th, 2015 and then the university will announce the final list at http://iso.hust.edu.cn.

B. Chinese Government Scholarship via the Chinese Embassy

Applicants are supposed to contact the dispatching authorities for overseas study or the Chinese Embassy in their home countries for the final scholarship winners and HUST admission notice package.

C. HUST President Scholarship

The winner list will be announced by the university at http://iso.hust.edu.cn after June 30th, 2015.

3. Tracking the Admission package

The tracking number will be sent to the applicant’ email when HUST delivers the Admission package to the winners after July 15th, 2014.

Please track the admission package with the Express Company.


2015 HUST Academic Semesters and Registration period



Application deadline

Registration Period


March 2nd, 2015–July 4th, 2015

January 15 , 2015

March 2-3,2015


August 30th, 2015– January 22nd, 2016

July 15, 2015

August 31- September 4,2015



Contact us

(Note: The HUST International Student Office will be closed from February 1 to February 28, 2015 during the Chinese Spring Festival holiday. All applications submitted during this period will be processed after March, 1st, 2015.)

International Student Office

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Mailing Address: 1037 Luoyu Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan, 430074, Hubei Province, China

Tel: 0086-27-87542457

Fax: 0086-27-87547833



Online Application: http://admission.hust.edu.cn/

International Student Officehttp://iso.hust.edu.cn/

University Website: http://english.hust.edu.cn/

China scholarship Council: http://www.csc.edu.cn/Laihua/indexen.aspx

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