HUST alumna BULGANTUYA KHURELBAATAR was appointed as the Vice Finance Minister, Mongolia
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    BULGANTUYA  KHURELBAATAR (The one in the middle) was warmly by Professor Chen Jianguo, Vice President of HUST in 2015


BULGANTUYA  KHURELBAATAR (Chinese name:布娜),  alumna of HUST, was appointed as the Vice Finance Minister of Mongolia in August 2016. It is big news for the university as well as international students. Ding Lieyun, President of HUST, sent a congratulation letter on behalf of the university.


BULGANTUYA KHURELBAATAR, female , came to China for education under the support of Chinese government scholarship in 2000. She studied in the School of Economics starting from 2001 and graduated with a bachelor degree in 2006. Afterwards, Bulgantuya got a Master Degree in Yale University, USA.


In 2013, she was elected as the Secretary of Mongolian People’s Party (3rd highest position and highest ranking women in the party) and is in charge of Party Structure, International Relations and NGOs.In September of 2015, she paid a special visit to HUST leading a big delegation of senior cadres of Mongolian People’s Party. 


BULGANTUYA Bulgantuya is one of the significant foreign talents cultivated by HUST.She is going to play an important role in the promoting cooperation between the related organizations of Mongolia and HUST, enhancing the influence of HUST in Mongolia and accelerating the communication and collaboration between China and Mongolia.


近日,我校校友BULGANTUYA KHURELBAATAR(中文名:布娜)被任命为蒙古国财政部副部长。校长丁烈云代表学校发去了贺信。


BULGANTUYA KHURELBAATAR,(中文名:布娜),女,2000年受中国政府奖学金资助来华留学,2001年入我校经济学院经济学专业学习,2006年毕业取得学士学位。之后,布娜在美国耶鲁大学取得了硕士学位。2013年,布娜当选为蒙古国人民党外事书记。



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