Name: Tian Dean

Professor in Tongji Hospital

Phone: 86-27-83662831


Academic Areas: Department of Digestive System

Research Interest

Hepatic disease,gastrointestinal tumor


Doctor--Digestive System-- Universität Ulm Medical College,Ulm,Germany--1988

Master--Digestive System--Tongji Medical College ,Wuhan, China--1984

Bachelor--Digestive System--Tongji Medical College ,Wuhan, China--1979

Oversea Study and Visit

Oversea Training, Universität Ulm Medical College,Ulm, Germany,Germany,-

Academic Memberships

Committee member,Chinese Society Of Gastroenterology,China,.

Member of Standing Committee、Chairman ,Hubei province medical association digestive endoscopy branch,Hubei province medical association,.

Member of Standing Committee、vice Chairman ,Wuhan medical association digestive endoscopy branch,Wuhan medical association,.

Honours and Awards

Honours and Awards

[1] Tu W, Luo M, Wang Z, Yan W, Xia Y, Deng H, He J, Han P, Tian D*.,Upregulation of SATB1 promotes tumor growth and metastasis in liver cancer,Liver Int,2012,

[2] Xia LM1, Huang WJ, Wu JG, Yang YB, Zhang Q, Zhou ZZ, Zhu HF, Lei P, Shen GX, Tian DA*,HBx protein induces expression of MIG and increases migration of leukocytes through activation of NF-kappaB,Virology,2009,

[3] Yan W1, Fu Y, Tian D*, Liao J, Liu M, Wang B, Xia L, Zhu Q, Luo M.,PI3 kinase/Akt signaling mediates epithelial-mesenchymal transition in hypoxic hepatocellular carcinoma cells,Biochem Biophys Res Commun,2014,

[4] Huang WJ, Xia LM, Zhu F, Huang B, Zhou C, Zhu HF, Wang B, Chen B, Lei P, Shen GX; De-AnTian*.,Transcriptional upregulation of HSP70-2 by HIF-1 in cancer cells in response to hypoxia,Int J Cancer,2009,