Name: Lei Zukang

Professor in School of Architecture and Urban Planning

Phone: 86-27-13476835692


Academic Areas: Department of Architecture

Research Interest

1.Conservation Technology for Architectural Heritage 2.Building Science and Technology


Doctor--Architecture--Tsinghua University (China)--2001

Master--Architecture--Tamkang University (Taiwan)--1991

Bachelor--Architecture--Fengchia University (Taiwan)--1988

Oversea Study and Visit

Visiting Scholar,University of Newcastle upon Tyne,Great Britain,1996-07-01-

Academic Memberships

Individual member,IIC,The International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works,2004-01-20.

Honours and Awards

Honours and Awards

[1] Lei Zukang,Building of a deterioration information system on murals and its application: A case study of the murals in Liangyi Hall on Wudang Mountain,Proceedings of IIC 2014 Hong Kong Congress,2014,

[2] Lei Zukang,Study on Field Survey Methods of Architectural Heritage Dampness Symptoms of Timber Material,BioTechnology,2013,

[3] Lei Zukang,Comparative Study of Microclimate Diversity and Transition Characteristics focused on the Living Environment in the Cold-winter and Hot-summer Area of China,Applied Mechanic and Material ,2013,

[4] Lei Zukang,Experimental Study of the Damp Mechanism on the Masonry Mortar between lime and cement,Applied Mechanic and Material,2013,

[5] Lei Zukang,Experimental Study of the Characteristics of Damp and Efflorescence Mechanism for Building Brick,Advanced Materials Research,2012,