Name: Wu Yunxia

Professor in School of Pharmacy

Phone: 86-27-13317185799


Academic Areas: Department of Chinese Pharmacy

Research Interest

Pharmacology of integrated traditional chinese medicine and Western medicine,others including angiogenesis mechanism in cancer and other angiogenesis related disease


Oversea Study and Visit

Visiting Scholar,Harvard Medical School,The United School,2009-04-30-2010-05-01

Academic Memberships

Standing Committee Member,Removing blood stasis committee of Hubei Integrated traditional chinese medicine and Western medicine,Chinese Medicinal Association(CMA),2010-11-27.2014-11-27

Honours and Awards

Youth Contribution Award of Integrated traditional chinese medicine and Western medicine,Chinese Medicinal Association(CMA),2011

Honours and Awards

[1] Shaorong Deng, Jing Xu, Jianwu Zeng, Linli Hu, Yunxia Wu,Ovarian stimulation leads to a severe implantation defect in mice,Reproductive Bio medicine Online,2013,

[2] Shao-rong DENG, Jing LI, Zhi-qiang ZHANG, Bing LI, Li-li Sheng,Jian-wu ZENG, Ya-ping LIU, Song-lin AN, Yun-xia WU,DS147 Improves Pregnancy in Mice with Embryo Implantation Dysfunction Induced by Controlled Ovarian Stimulation, J Huazhong Univ Sci Technol[Med Sci],2013,

[3] Huang Guang-ying, Zheng Cui-hong, Wu Yun-Xia Wang Wei,Effect involving of connexin 43 in the acupuncture of improving rat blastocyst implantation.,Fertility and Sterility,,2010,