2017/2018 Scholarship for Distinguished International Students Open for Application
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                                      2017/2018 Scholarship for Distinguished International Students Open for Application
                                                                                                                                            June 19, 2017
According to notice from Ministry of Education of China, application for the Scholarship for Distinguished International Students of 2017/2018 academic year is open now. Application guideline for the scholarship is as below:
Who Can Apply:
Ø  undergraduates (Self-supported only)who are studying in the 2nd year or above;
Ø  postgraduates who are studying in the 2nd year or above; 
Ø   students who are graduating in 2017 and who are in study suspension are excluded;
About the Scholarship:
The scholarship offers one-time reward of 18,000 RMB to the undergraduate winners, and 30,000 RMB to postgraduate winners.
Seats Allocation:
4 seats for undergraduates and 3 seats for postgraduates including main campus and Tongji campus
Ø  Undergraduates with excellent grades; Postgraduates have strong study and scientific research ability and publish papers on top journals;
Ø  Students who are friendly to China, strictly obey Chinese laws and school regulations, and achieved excellence in China;
Ø  Students who always complete tuition fee and finish registration on time, did not have any record for expiration of visa/residence permit or other negative records and did not receive complaints during their study here;
Ø  Students who always actively participate in school or university activities;
Selection Method:
The selection principle is “apply in person, the school review and recommend, the China scholarship Council decide and post the final decisions”.
How to Apply:
1. Log into http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn and submit your application. Noted: Please select C in the Study Category (留学项目种类), the Institution Number (受理机构编号) is 10487, and study period is 2017.9.1-2018.7.15.
2. Download the application form after completion of submitting.
3. Get an official sealed transcript from your department for all the semesters you have studied in HUST.
4. Submit your printed application form (2 copies) with your signature, transcript and other supporting documents, such as published high-level papers, previous honorary awards, etc. to International Student Office or Medical International Student Office (Tongji Campus) before 3pm, June 22, 2017.

                                        School of International Education
                      Huazhong University of Science and Technology
中国教育部2017/2018学年将继续设立“优秀来华留学生奖学金”项目,用于奖励勤奋学习、表现优异的在华外国留学生。 根据中国教育部的有关文件精神,现将我校该奖学金项目候选人评选办法通知如下:
1. 本科生成绩优异者,研究生有较强的学习或科研能力,在权威期刊发表过高水平文章的;
2. 对华友好,遵守中国的法律法规和学校的各项规章制度;
3. 按时注册、缴纳学费;无签证/居留许可过期等任何违法违纪行为,没有受到任何投诉,无任何其他不良记录;
4. 积极参加学校的各类活动;
1. 网上申请:申请者须登录国家留学基金管理委员会来华留学网上报名平台(laihua.csc.edu.cn)提交个人申请。注意事项:“留学项目种类”请选择C,“受理机构编号”请填写10487,学生学习期限统一为2017.9.1-2018.7.15.
2. 申请者向留学生办公室/医科留学生办公室提交个人纸质申请材料(A4纸张):
a. 2份《中国政府奖学金申请表》(请从奖学金申请平台上下载并打印并签名)
b. 学院出具的盖章成绩单
c. 其他辅助性证明或材料,例如在权威期刊发表的高水平文章、过往获奖证明等。
3.申请截止时间: 2017年6月22日下午3:00。


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