Annual Review for Chinese Government and HUST President Scholarship Students in 2017
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Dear relevant schools and international students,  

    According to notice from Ministry of Education of China, the scholarship review is carried out as follows:

All scholarship-sponsored students studying in the university (except the coming graduates)must take the Annual Assessment organized by China Scholarship Council (CSC). The annual review is of great importance as it determines whether you are eligible for being sponsored by scholarship or not in the next academic year.

Students sponsored by the Chinese Government Scholarship should complete the Form for Annual Review of Chinese Government Scholarship Status, get reviewed by the supervisors (postgraduate students only) and the academic schools, and then submit the hard copy of this form (double sided) together with your transcript or research progress/publications (for postgraduate students enrolled in the second or third year) to the International Student Office before  April 14, 2017.

All schools and departments shall attach importance to the audit work, carefully review course scores, attendance, study (research) performance and conducts, propose preliminary examination opinions (qualified or disqualified) with official seal and authentically promote study (research) ability of international students by the review.

The university assessment team will comprehensively evaluate course scores, attendance, conducts and punishments/awards records of the students. The final result of the review will be announced after CSC makes the final decision.

Students involving in one of the following cases will have their scholarship terminated:

1. Undergraduate students who have not acquired the required credits and reached the attention line for expulsion from the university.

2. Graduates who fail in the degree course.

3. Students who get penalty or punishment due to behaviors against Chinese laws or disciplines and university regulations will be deprived of their scholarship in accordance with the severity of their behaviors.

Students involving in one of the following situations will have their scholarship canceled:

1. Students who are required to be dispelled from the university and disqualified of enrollment status.

2. Students who do not pass the annual reconfirmation of the scholarship twice consecutively during the study period in the university.

3. Students who do not participate in the annual scholarship evaluation.

The Form for Annual Review collected by departments/schools must be submitted to International Student Office together with related material before April 20, 2017.

In case of any questions, please contact International Student Office. Contact person: Mr Wang, 87559551; Miss. Zhang, 87793026; Mrs Hong, 83692920 (Tongji Campus)

        Hereby it is notifed as the above.


1. <Form for Annual Review of Chinese Government Scholarship Status>/upload/file/20170401/20170401163036_33560.pdf

2. <Form for Annual Review of HUST President Scholarship Status>/upload/file/20170401/20170401163107_50278.pdf

School of International Education

Huazhong University of Science and Technology









1. 本科生所修学分不足,达到退学警示线的;

2. 研究生学位课考试不及格的;

3. 违反中国法律法规或违反校规校纪,受到警告、严重警告、记过、留校察看等处分的。


1. 受到退学处理或者开除学籍处分的;

2. 在校学习期间累计两次未通过年度评审的;

3. 不按时参加年度评审的。




附件1.《中国政府奖学金年度评审表》 2.《华中科技大学校长奖学金年度评审表》



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