Control on the Driving Behavior of International Students
By ISO | 2017-03-16 |   3591

 To all international students:

Recently, several accidents have happened with some students in injuries caused by over-speed and reverse driving that are against the traffic regulations, and it’s followed by ensuing troubles.

In order to rigorously enforce the Chinese laws and university regulations, hereby we issue a clear notice about the related traffic laws and regulations about motor and electric vehicles, which shall be strictly abided by all the international students.

1. Standardized Use of International Driving License

The holder of international driving license shall renew the license at the police station in advance in accordance with the related laws. Only after the acquisition of Chinese driving license can you drive the motor vehicles, otherwise it will be regarded as illegal. Once it is caught, the driver will face a detention of 15 days and a fine between 200 RMB and 2000 RMB. Any driver of motor vehicles shall strictly adhere to the Chinese laws and regulations.

2. Notice Regarding Banning of Motorcycle Driving

No motorcycle driving is allowed within the third ring road of the city. It’s against the traffic laws and regulations in Wuhan to drive motorcycle in urban areas, otherwise the drivers will have their motorcycles confiscated and themselves detained as punishment.

3. Reminder of Standardized Driving of Electric Bicycle

It’s prohibited to drive the electric bicycles with yellow plate, or beyond the standard or without driving license, which the international students shall abide by. The security station on campus will conduct centralized management in cooperation with the Wuhan police station for electric bicycles that are prohibited to use, with confiscation of the electric bicycles as punishment as well.

4. Other Requirements

The international students must drive in civilization and yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.

Illegal driving such as drunk driving and over-speed driving is prohibited both inside and outside the campus. For cases like hit-and-run that brings bad influences, the trouble maker will be dealt in severity.

5. Treatment about Violation of the Provisions

Students who violate the Chinese Traffic Management Laws and Regulations, will be handled by the university seriously with the punishment recorded in the student’s personal files.

If the circumstances are serious, the university will inform the case to the student’s embassy in China and will report it to the Wuhan Police Station to shorten or stop extending the student’s stay/residence permit certificate.

The international students who violate Chinese laws and regulations severely will be dismissed from the university as a consequence.


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Huazhong University of Science and Technology

























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