Notice about Rigorously Enforce the Regulations about Accommodation Management
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To all international students:

On ignorance of the Accommodation Regulations recently, some students disobey the registration rules on dormitory visiting and the management regulations on department,and even make disturbing noise, resulting in disorder in the apartment management and potential security hazards of different degrees, which have caused dissatisfaction and complaints from the students.

In order to rigorously enforce the university disciplines, hereby we issue a clear notice about the related management regulation, hoping all the international students strictly abide by it.

1. All international students living in dormitory must enter the apartment by smart card where the entrance guard system has been installed. “One person, one card”. No one can force to enter, cross the entrance gate or swipe the card for others.
2. Apartment visiting time is from 7:00-23:00. Visitors can register with valid ID card to access the apartment.
3. International students shall not make noise, shout, take drugs, drink or fight, play loud music, disrupt public order or disturb others from normal study and life in or near the apartment.International students shall not hold gathering activities, make noise or disturb others from sleeping on campus especially in the residence areas between 23:00 and 7:00.
4. International students shall not use high-power electric appliances or make any fire hazard.


The university will punish the students who violate the regulations above with punishment details listed as below:
1. Students who still don’t correct their behaviors after persuasion will be given warning or serious warning. If the circumstances are serious with the students punished by Public Security Authority, the university will increase the penalty.
2. Students who have received complaints for more than three times (including three times) will be disqualified to live in the apartment.
3. Students who have been sanctioned will be disqualified to contest in honor or reward competitions that are established for international students. In the meanwhile, their sanction will be reported to the Wuhan Exit-Entry Administration Bureau to shorten or stop extending their stay/residence certificate in the light of circumstances.
4. All punishment will be recorded in the students’personal files and be copied to the embassy in China that the student is subject to.

Please carefully study the Handbook for International Students and strictly obey the university disciplines and regulations.
The notice is formally issued hereby.


School of International Education, HUST


1. 所有居住在公寓的留学生必须一人一卡刷卡进入公寓(安装了门禁系统的公寓)。任何人不得强行通过或翻越闸机,不得代为他人刷卡或强行打开闸机。
2. 所有来访公寓的人员必须凭借有效身份证件登记后方可进入公寓。23:00-7:00为公寓非来访时间。
3. 任何人不得在公寓区域内喧哗、吵闹,吸毒,酗酒滋事,打架斗殴,制造噪音污染,扰乱公共秩序,影响他人的正常学习和生活。
4. 留学生不得违规在公寓内使用大功率电器,不得制造任何消防隐患。
1. 违反规定经劝说仍不改正的,给予警告或严重警告处分;情节严重、受到公安机关处罚的,学校将加重处分的力度。
2. 对于受到三次以上(含三次)投诉的,取消其公寓内住宿资格。
3. 受到处分的留学生,不得参评学校针对留学生设立的荣誉或奖励。同时,学校将通报武汉市公安局出入境管理局缩短其在华居留期限或者停止为其办理居留延期手续。
4. 所有处分决定载入学生档案并抄送学生驻华大使馆。




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