2016 China National Holiday and Kind Notice
By ISO | 2016-09-30 |   2969

Dear International Students

China National Holiday is coming and there will be a 7 holidays’ holiday from October 1st to October 7th.

The International Student Office wishes all students happiness during the holiday! At the same time, the office would like to remind you of the following notice during your celebration in this period.

1. Students are advised not to enter crowded public areas, travel alone, drink too much, or stay late outside especially during the mid-night in case of any unpleasant accident.

2. Students (especially) need to pay more attention to their own safety when they are travelling, shopping or celebrating in the department stores, activity centers or other public places.

3. Students are forbidden to wrangle, break bottles or engage in other public distorting activities such as: influence others’ study and life on campus. Also, Students are forbidden to engage in any unlawful acts, otherwise the university Public Security Office as well as International Student Office will deal with it by using serious actions.

4. Students who will travel around shall report to the Dormitory Service Center of your schedule as well as travel destination. You should always take the emergency contact card so that you could get help from the university when in trouble or emergency.

5. Students staying on/off campus during the holiday are advised to be careful of water and electricity using. Please also follow the principles to prevent fire.

If you need any help during the holiday, please contact the dormitory working-staff on duty through the following numbers.

Dormitory Service Centers’ Contacts:

Friendship Apartments: 87543400;

Huahong Apartment: 87558236;

Baijingge Apartments: 87793163.

Offices’ Contacts:

International Student Office: 87559551, 87793026, 87542457, 87557546.

International Medical Student Office: 83692920,83691553.


School of International Education

Huazhong University of Science and Technology


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